Student FAQ

Users can create an account and browse our mentors’ profiles free of charge. Each of our experts sets their own rates for the one-time cost of providing feedback on your video.

We recommend asking a friend to record you competing or rolling with a training partner at class, but some students bring a small tripod to class and set it on the corner of the mat while rolling.

We require all our experts to verify their identify using government issued photo ID, a selfie, and their taxable business information so you can rest assured that the expert’s profile is legitimate.

BJJ Mentor works great on either a phone or a computer but we have a mobile app coming soon!

Tell them why you want them to join, and then send them to for more information!

After you request feedback, the expert will have 3 days to accept or refuse your request. Each expert has the ability to set the delivery time for a given service, but we usually encourage setting a range of 3 to 7 days.

Expert FAQ

Anyone who holds a purple belt or higher in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may apply. Currently we are accepting experts who have worlds’ level competition experience or who already offer coaching or training to an existing student base.

BJJ Mentor experts keep 75% of whatever amount they decide to charge for their feedback services, paid out monthly. How much you earn depends on how many people request your feedback.

You should charge no less than what you feel would make it worth your time to spend time reviewing and commenting on videos.

That said, keeping your prices at the lower end of a range you’re comfortable with may result in a higher volume and more repeat customers.

Keep in mind that you can raise or lower your prices at any time.

When someone requests feedback from you, you have 3 days to accept or refuse the request. If you accept their request, you’ll have 7 days to deliver the feedback.

At any point you can pause your profile so that it will still show up in search results but no new requests can come through. Whenever you’re ready to start offering feedback in, you can easily switch your profile back on.

While our experts may get some new clients through BJJ Mentor’s promotional efforts, the best way for experts to consistently get feedback requests is to let their current students and followers know that they are offering services through BJJ mentor.

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