We’re Josiah and Ashley Mann.

We’re a husband and wife team of online entrepreneurs with a background in software and website development, digital marketing, and business ownership, and together we created BJJ Mentor.

We’re also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students.

We’re from Springfield, Missouri, where we’ve been training under Steve Haydock at Kokoro Training Academy since 2019.

We originally created BJJ Mentor because we wanted to make it easier for our coach to watch videos of our rolls and give us feedback.

Being able to reference our instructor’s time-stamped comments and use the feedback to know what to work on in class and at our private lessons was so valuable that we knew we had to share it with the broader BJJ community.

We hope you like it!

Josiah & Ashley

Photo of Josiah and Ashley in 2020
Ashley and Josiah in 2020