Get personal roll feedback from the world’s top Jiu Jitsu experts.

Advance your game with detailed, time-stamped feedback on your roll footage or competition video from world class BJJ competitors and instructors.

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How BJJ Mentor Works

For the first time ever, you can get personalized feedback
from the world’s best BJJ instructors from the comfort of your own home.

Do you feel you’ve reached a learning plateau?

Have our mentors (or your own coach) review your roll footage to help you identify opportunities
and bring fresh perspective to your game.

Identify mistakes and opportunities.

Do you keep running into the same issues and have trouble figuring out how to move past them? Find a mentor to analyze your game to help you spot mistakes you’re making and opportunities you might be overlooking.

Learn the Strategy of Someone Your Size.

Top level Jiu Jitsu athletes all develop a style plays to their strengths. Get help overcoming obstacles and develop your own game with tips from an elite Jiu Jitsu athlete similarly sized as you.

Help your instructor help you.

Sometimes it’s hard for students to recreate issues they’re experiencing against their opponents in a private lesson or coaching session. BJJ Mentor makes it easy for coaches to see exactly what is happening during their students’ rolls so they can better help their students.

What Jiu Jitsu Students Are Saying
About BJJ Mentor

“I really like this tool, and I think watching myself rolling and reviewing the feedback combined with a private lesson will make my Jiu Jitsu better.”
Chad Smith
Purple Belt

“This exceeded my expectations. The feedback was specific and included time stamps which I was not expecting. I would definitely use again, especially if preparing for a competition.”
Hannah Allhands​
Blue Belt

Time-stamped feedback lets you hone in on the details.

  • Choose one or more experts to view your footage.
  • Easily upload a video from your phone.
  • Your video comes back with time-stamped commentary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our experts sets their own rates for the one-time cost of providing feedback on your video, but there’s no cost to create an account and browse our mentors’ profiles.

We recommend asking a friend to record you competing or rolling with a training partner at class, but some students bring a small tripod to class and set it on the corner of the mat while rolling.

We require all our experts to verify their identify using their government issued photo ID, a selfie, and their taxable business information so you can rest assured that the expert’s profile is legitimate.

BJJ Mentor works great on either a phone or a computer, and we have a mobile app coming soon!

Tell them why you want them to join, and then send them to for more information!

After you request feedback, the expert will have 3 days to accept or refuse your request. Each expert has the ability to set the delivery time for a given service, but we usually encourage setting a range of 3 to 7 days.